Meeting agenda for AAA 2014 coming soon.



AAA 2013: CAGH Business Meeting

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  1. Thanking Heide Casteneda for Virchow Awards coordination and welcoming new coordinator, Alexa Deitrich
  2.  Volunteers for Virchow article review panel?
  3. Updates from ongoing CAGH Public Outreach projects and plans for 2013-2014 (e-health, immigration, insurance, other?)
  4. Public Policy Outreach on Austerity

–   Megan Carney coordinating Takes a Stand sub-committee

–  AAA panel abstract sub-committee

–  Volunteers for bibliography, article and policy statement development

  1. Proposals for new focus areas or sub-committees
  2. Proposal for an SMA – sponsored Invited Roundtable or Panel collaborated with other SIG groups on SMA invited panel
  3.  Volunteers for Sub-Committee on E-CAGH (updating website and improving Word Press Site)

FYI: Volunteer CAGH web assistance:

Ben McMahan

SMA Webmaster: Sean Bruna-Lewis

  1.  Vote onCAGHletter of support for AAA reactivating Congressional Fellow Program
  2.  Brief working group sessions

Comment on new listserv process (CAGH WordPress blog)
We are updating the listserv that is also linked to the CAGH blog. If you received this message directly, you are already on the list, but please visit to see more about the SIG, the updated site, etc. and visit (or forward) this address: if you would like to update or add an email to the listserv. The site is under construction and in process, but should allow for more collaborative discussion in between our official SIG meetings at the AAAs (and sometimes SfAAs).



AAA 2011: CAGH Business Meeting Agenda

Society for Medical Anthropology Critical Medical Anthropology of Global Health (CAGH) Special Interest Group Thursday, November 17, 2011: 12:15-13:30

  1. Introductory remarks by Mark Nichter: reflect on SIG activity/successes : 3-5 minutes:Overview of meeting: Awards; Takes a stand initiatives (Clinical Trials, Migration and Health/ Health Service Delivery, Insurance : US and Global) ; Elect new coordinator; New takes a stand topics
    1. Quick round of member introductions — names and affiliations only: 5-10 minutes
  2. Report on the Virchow Award winners and numbers of submissions by Heide Casteneda and vote of thanks to Heide and judges – 5 minutes
  3. Report on present Takes a Stand Initiatives:10 – 15minutes
    1. Clinical trials: Mark Nichter
    2. Migration; Heide Casteneda
    3. Insurance : Sara Horton, this years focus
    4. Panel: Redefining Insurance, Redefining Governance: US Health Reform in Global Perspective Friday November 18, 8:00 – 11:45 AM in Montreal Convention Center 519B
    5. Additional Discussion Session: Second, if you are interested in participating in the “Takes a Stand” process, please join us at the conference registration desk on Friday, November 18, at 5 p.m. We will walk to a quiet location to meet from there. We’ll be using this meeting to discuss the projects we’ve begun—such as the bibliography and the mini-statements—as well as the broader CAGH statement on global health insurance reform. We’ll circulate some preliminary ideas about the CAGH “Takes a Stand” statement; your feedback and input is greatly appreciated.
  4. Selecting a new coordinator for the CMAGH Group: 5- 10 minutes
    1. See candidate CV on Website: Rachel Chapman; other candidates for consideration should be presented to group by nominators
  5. Discussion of promising topics for next Takes a Stand working group initiative. : 20 minutes
    1. Members are asked to introduce topics –they would be willing to work on — noting why this is a timely topics
    2. Up to five minutes allocated per topic with other members expressing interest and signing up to actively participate
    3. We will make a group decision about which topic to take up next -or come up with a process for determining this.