Call for participation

The Critical Anthropology for Global Health (CAGH) special interest group is excited to announce a recent online publication. The publication is a Takes-a-stand statement on the contribution of anthropology to e/m-health and telemedicine.

The statement is a working document produced by a group of CAGH members investigating our potential role in this important area of Public and Global Health. It follows an AAA panel we organized in 2013. Our intent is to encourage anthropologists to look into this rapidly evolving field.

At present, the CAGH is in the process of expanding this text into a full article. It invites members to:
1) Contribute new ideas and references not yet covered in the statement – which is a work in progress; 2) Provide mini-ethnographies (from 2-10 pages) of your own research or observations of e/mhealth that we may post on the CAGH website as examples of research in progress.

Please contact Tanja Ahlin  ( with any inquiries.