CAGH Business Meeting, AAA 2017

Business Meeting Agenda

Special Interest Group, Society for Medical Anthropology


CAGH: Critical Anthropology for Global Health

Co-Chairs:  Sara Lewis and Peter J Brown

November 30, 2017  2:15pm

Marriott, Jefferson Room


  1. Welcome – What is CAGH? Website – CAGH
  2. Officers: Co-chairs SL and PJB; Web, Amy Dao (web)
  3. GH issues well represented at AAA (PF and JK plenary session)


  1. Self Introductions
  2. Sign up sheet and sign up on SMA website


  1. Rudolf Virchow Awards
    1. Who was Virchow? (PJB)
      1. Thank committee: PJB, Claire Chandler, Barbara Rylko-Bauer, Bayla Ostrach, Fouzieha Togwi
    2. Undergrad: Peter Lee  (CUNY Brooklyn) “Caring’ without Curing: Parasites, Student Brigades, and Transitory Care in Rural Nicaragua”
    3. Grad: Laura Meeks, (UC Davis) “Fakes, Poisons, & Medicines: Pharmaceutical Capacities in the Context of Radical Uncertainty in Tanzania”
    4. Professional: Megan Carney, (U Washington) “Sharing One’s Destiny”: Effects of austerity on migrant health provisioning in the Mediterranean borderlands”
    5. Can we share winning papers on web?
  2. Announce recent books in GH–
    1. Brown and Closser (eds) Foundations of Global Health (Oxford UP)
    2. Nora Kenworthy Mistreated (Vanderbilt UP)
  3. Take a Stand (Nora Kenworthy) “The End of AIDS” (see website)
  4. Sessions at this AAA meeting
    1. Pierre Minn session “After Global Health”
    2. others
  5. Officers for Next Year – process (you have to sign up) – need system – deadline 12/15
  6. Ideas for next year? SfAA?
  7. Open Discussion
  8. Other business