CAGH Business Meeting, AAA 2014

Upcoming Business Meeting Agenda 2014
Event Type: Business Meeting
Sponsored By: Society for Medical Anthropology

Saturday, December 6, 2014: 1:00 PM-2:15 PM
Maryland Suite C, Lobby| Marriott

  1. Virchow awards:
    1. Thanking Alexa Deitrich, new Virchow Awards coordinator
    2. Volunteers for Virchow article review panel?
    3. Vote on requesting SMA for Virchow Awards to have monetary prize starting in 2015
  2. Updates from ongoing Public Outreach projects and plans for 2014-2015 (e-health, immigration, insurance, teaching global health, austerity)
  3. Public Policy Outreach on Austerity
    1. Update from Megan Carney coordinating Takes a Stand sub-committee
    2. volunteers to organize 2015 AAA invited panel abstract sub-committee ?
    3. Request for comments on statement and bibliography
  4. Proposals for new TAS focus areas or sub-committees
    1. Global Health at Gunpoint: Militarization and Occupation of African Life from Mali to Missouri
    2. Others?
  5. Interest in an SMA – sponsored Invited Roundtable or Panel collaborated with other SIG groups on SMA invited panel? Working group to outreach?
  6. Volunteers to work with Amy Dao for Sub-Committee on E-CAGH (updating website and improving Word Press Site)
  7. CAGH feature members
  8. FYI: Volunteer CAGH web assistance:
    1. CAGH: Amy Dao-
    2. SMA Webmaster: Sean Bruna-Lewis
  9. Vote on CAGH letter of support for AAA reactivating Congressional Fellow Program
  10. Nominations for New Chair or Co-Chairs for 2015
  11. Joint SIG Workshop – planning and discussion (proposed topic “Black Lives Matter”
  12. Brief working group session

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