CAGH Business Meeting, AAA 2013

AAA 2013: CAGH Business Meeting

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  1. Thanking Heide Casteneda for Virchow Awards coordination and welcoming new coordinator, Alexa Deitrich
  2.  Volunteers for Virchow article review panel?
  3. Updates from ongoing CAGH Public Outreach projects and plans for 2013-2014 (e-health, immigration, insurance, other?)
  4. Public Policy Outreach on Austerity

–   Megan Carney coordinating Takes a Stand sub-committee

–  AAA panel abstract sub-committee

–  Volunteers for bibliography, article and policy statement development

  1. Proposals for new focus areas or sub-committees
  2. Proposal for an SMA – sponsored Invited Roundtable or Panel collaborated with other SIG groups on SMA invited panel
  3.  Volunteers for Sub-Committee on E-CAGH (updating website and improving Word Press Site)

FYI: Volunteer CAGH web assistance:

Ben McMahan

SMA Webmaster: Sean Bruna-Lewis

  1.  Vote onCAGHletter of support for AAA reactivating Congressional Fellow Program
  2.  Brief working group sessions

Comment on new listserv process (CAGH WordPress blog)
We are updating the listserv that is also linked to the CAGH blog. If you received this message directly, you are already on the list, but please visit to see more about the SIG, the updated site, etc. and visit (or forward) this address: if you would like to update or add an email to the listserv. The site is under construction and in process, but should allow for more collaborative discussion in between our official SIG meetings at the AAAs (and sometimes SfAAs).


AAA 2013: CAGH Business Meeting Minutes

Minute taker: Eliza Williamson

  1. Heide and Alexa not present, they were thanked at the awards ceremony last night
  2. Anyone interested in helping Alexa – Pierre will.


  1. Updates on ongoing projects


Takes A Stand

  • Mark Nichter gave a description of the Take a Stand: was envisioned
  • take a stand on emerging topics, lay out position statements, different ways of looking at a particular topic
  • not policy statement, but a variety of perspectives
  • try to be level-headed, balanced account; publish articles that are insightful for the press and for others, including policy
  • topics chosen: social insurance, immigration; now E-Health
  • supposed to come up with research questions for anthropologists to address – ideas for graduate students and others applying for funds
  • bibliography created
  • Rachel: we should add syllabi to the website for folks who are interested in curriculum
  • suggested round table for junior scholars on getting funding
  • Tanja
    • firs proposed e-health in 2011
    • this year: prepared a panel with CASTAC on genetics, robotics, and e-health
    • op-ed recently for newsletter
    • we have received an invitation to do another op-ed for a journal; need to discuss
    • drafted a statement; undergoing revision – if someone would like to have a look & give suggestions, please contact Tanja
      • the idea is to identify topics that would be interesting for anthropologists to research
      • disseminate and use e-health in anthropology
      • any additional bibliography? Let Tanja know.


Rachel: has anyone used the WordPress site? We don’t really use the site. Can Tanja email all of us the statement? Yes.

Anything you post on WordPress goes to the whole listserv

Mark Nichter: there’s a rolling bibliography – if someone sees something, please add it – remember that “global health” means here at home too

Tanja added some journals about e-health; others can add more


Barbara has to leave early, so Rachel asked her if there’s anything she wanted to talk about.

Barbara asks about work being done on the Affordable Care Act; she wants to be more active in medical anthropology again


Jessica and Amy were working with the Take a Stand on the AFA

good bibliography on website

peoples produced mini-statements on the countries they worked on

grasping what insurance systems look like globally

revised the TAS statement; waiting to be published in MAQ; some papers from AAA 2011 will appear in MAQ on special issue on health insurance

now trying to look at the roll-out of the AFA; identify people doing that research now; working on something for the AAA 2014


Ben McMahan has stepped down from the website, but both he and Sean Bruna-Lewis are willing to help if needed

Rachel: we should make a panel out of the Take a Stand project


Jessica updates on immigration project

  • blog “Access Denied”
    • regular media news roundups; weekly/bi-weekly; periodical longer posts that are original contributions
    • please post if you’re doing work on immigration and health – contact through the blog, or contact Jessica
    • focus on undocumented immigration, but very open; can propose idea by email
    • bibliography for the immigration project there


  1. Austerity


Megan Carney has agreed to chair the committee on austerity

subcommittee to come up with a panel for next year – developing bibliographies, policy statement

people doing work in Europe? Africanization of European countries?

Anyone interested in doing a mini-statement?

  • Tanja?
  • Nichter: ask Ida?
  • Susana Narotsky from Barcelona?


Invited panel?

  • getting co-sponsorship is good
  • SMA is the one that sponsors panels; CAGH just does legwork to get folks organized into panels


  1. Proposals for new focus areas or sub-committees



  • global health education programs
  • about 60 people have responded with interest
  • 10-person panel this
  • people asked to help teach/design global health programs + studying the populations they’re being asked to help – ambivalence
  • having a place to exchange curricula and syllabi
  • how folks working in this area can connect with each other
  • interface with big global health conferences (CUGH – anthro less welcome?) – how do we engage with them? (Unite for Sight conference)
  • preparing document or position statement that is available to a larger audience; creating documents for students, administrators, faculty about why anthropologists have misgivings about global health education
  • Nichter: differentiating global health and global medicine? Pierre – we should find literature that differentiates them.
  • med schools asking for applicants with clinical experience – “going abroad is a great way of getting clinical experience”?? How can we push back against this? Let’s look at this, maybe put pressure to make changes
  • Kristin: global health as a field of praxis
  • Nichter: Takes a Stand statement on global health programs? We could have a critical stance on where global health came from and where it has gone.
  • Sarah Raskin: we could also look at the positive outcomes of global health
  • Bill & Melinda Gates
  • we should address our strengths and weaknesses as anthropologists studying global health
  • Peter Brown: understanding global health from anthro perspective is important
  • Sarah Raskin: consider domestic implications of service learning in the U.S.
  • Rachel: Critical Ethnographies of Global Health as a AAA panel? Yes!
  • Nichter: it takes about a year to work on a TAS project thoroughly
  • Rachel: 3 panels – austerity, immigration, critical perspectives on global health
  • Nichter: we should have a statement with short (5 items) bibliography before we put together a panel – start now; think 2 years from now
    • special conference for anthro of global health?
  • public health folks are open to hearing our critiques; we should engage with them
    • Pierre: this is why CUGH would be a good opportunity
    • Jessica: but we should have a community of anthropologists
    • Rachel: let’s do a round table at the next AAA meeting
  • Peter: universities want anthropologists to do global health education work for free
  • Merrill: round table doesn’t have to wait for bibliography, etc.
  • Pierre: a focus on global health education would be good
    • anthro and global health education list – Pierre will add you if you want
  • Tanja: round table on this topic would be good. IASA email list is a good resource, and Tanja administers it.
  • Nichter: his understanding is that global health is critical (differentiated itself from international health) – we should think about these differences; put together a group of folks who are teaching on global health


  1. Volunteers


Requests from other organizations:

  • SIG chair group under Linda thinking about organizing a round table of SIGs; good opportunity to present what we do as medical anthropologist
  • Amy volunteered to help with the CAGH website


  1. Vote on CAGH letter of support for AAA reactivating Congressional Fellow Program? Quorum – yes?


Merrill’s announcements:

  • book series on advances in critical medical anthropology
  • upkick in med anthro job announcements – U of Connecticut has position in global health and human rights


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