CAGH Business Meeting, AAA 2011


AAA 2011: CAGH Business Meeting Agenda

Society for Medical Anthropology Critical Medical Anthropology of Global Health (CAGH) Special Interest Group Thursday, November 17, 2011: 12:15-13:30

  1. Introductory remarks by Mark Nichter: reflect on SIG activity/successes : 3-5 minutes:Overview of meeting: Awards; Takes a stand initiatives (Clinical Trials, Migration and Health/ Health Service Delivery, Insurance : US and Global) ; Elect new coordinator; New takes a stand topics
    1. Quick round of member introductions — names and affiliations only: 5-10 minutes
  2. Report on the Virchow Award winners and numbers of submissions by Heide Casteneda and vote of thanks to Heide and judges – 5 minutes
  3. Report on present Takes a Stand Initiatives:10 – 15minutes
    1. Clinical trials: Mark Nichter
    2. Migration; Heide Casteneda
    3. Insurance : Sara Horton, this years focus
    4. Panel: Redefining Insurance, Redefining Governance: US Health Reform in Global Perspective Friday November 18, 8:00 – 11:45 AM in Montreal Convention Center 519B
    5. Additional Discussion Session: Second, if you are interested in participating in the “Takes a Stand” process, please join us at the conference registration desk on Friday, November 18, at 5 p.m. We will walk to a quiet location to meet from there. We’ll be using this meeting to discuss the projects we’ve begun—such as the bibliography and the mini-statements—as well as the broader CAGH statement on global health insurance reform. We’ll circulate some preliminary ideas about the CAGH “Takes a Stand” statement; your feedback and input is greatly appreciated.
  4. Selecting a new coordinator for the CMAGH Group: 5- 10 minutes
    1. See candidate CV on Website: Rachel Chapman; other candidates for consideration should be presented to group by nominators
  5. Discussion of promising topics for next Takes a Stand working group initiative. : 20 minutes
    1. Members are asked to introduce topics –they would be willing to work on — noting why this is a timely topics
    2. Up to five minutes allocated per topic with other members expressing interest and signing up to actively participate
    3. We will make a group decision about which topic to take up next -or come up with a process for determining this.


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