Call for Book Proposals! Global Change/Global Health

Call for Book Proposals!

for the New Book Series
Global Change/Global Health:
Revealing Critical Interactions between Social and Environmental Processes

The Global Change/Global Health book series seeks single-authored monographs exploring the interplay between the wellbeing of Earth’s people and the planet’s changing nature. We invite proposals from researchers who are studying the intersections of global change and global health. We encourage proposals from authors with manuscripts at any stage of development.

At the intersection of global change analyses and global health studies, this book series frames global change and human health as direct and indirect causes and consequences of each other. Human responses to the continuous transformations in the Earth’s atmosphere, ocean, and land involve biopsychosocial shifts in human communities. Ongoing macroecological dynamics cause shifts in the planet’s temperature; atmospheric and hydrologic cycles; terrestrial systems; and in weather and climate. These dynamics lead to changes in human diseases, illnesses, and injuries; food and nutrition; stress and trauma disorders (from extreme events and natural disasters) and other mental health issues; social, cultural, and intellectual wellbeing; settlement, mobility, and demography; reproduction and adaptation; and symbols, meanings and values associated with landscape features, places, and processes. The Global Change/Global Health series explores the interactions between humans and the Earth by publishing monographs written by scholars working in the social, behavioral, and health sciences.

Please contact Cynthia Fowler ( and Elizabeth Olson ( to receive a full description of the series. Book proposal guidelines are attached.

Book Proposal Guidelines

1. Title page

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Author’s Name(s)
  • Three or four lines describing the book2. Manuscript details
  • A 150-word summary of the book
  • Estimated length in number of words
  • Estimated length in number of pages (double-spaced in 10 point Courier)
  • Anticipated number and kind of illustrations
  • Anticipated manuscript delivery date

3. Contents

  • Table of contents
  • Title and paragraph description of each of the chapters in the proposed book
  • Approximate number of pages for each chapter in double-spaced format (10 point Courier) 

4. Sample Chapters

  • Introduction
  • One or two sample chapters if completed


5. Author

  • A brief narrative of your research
  • If previously published, quotes from reviews of your work or sales figures of your earlier work
  • Curriculum Vitae or resumé
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