New SIG Alert: Research on U.S. Health and Healthcare (RUSH)

Research on U.S. Health and Healthcare (RUSH)
This proposed Special Interest Group would invite and encourage scholars from around the world to critically investigate U.S. health policy and practice. It would provide a space for anthropologists to engage with the urgent and growing national dialogue on health and healthcare disparities and a platform to interface with health authorities and policymakers.

We are proposing this Special Interest Group in Research on U.S. Health and Healthcare for scholars with interests in:
Health policy and administration (public and private)
Health insurance and insurers
The health workforce (inclusive of allied health professionals and clinical support staff)
Health professional education
The practice of nursing, pediatrics, primary care, hospitalist medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, among others
U.S. health activism
Migrant and refugee health in the U.S.
Environmental health
Race, class and gender in U.S. health and healthcare
LGBTQ health and healthcare
…and many other related issues

If you are interested in the group, please join our Facebook group:

Please feel free to contact me ( with questions, ideas or if you are interested in helping to organize the group.

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