CAGH 2015 Business Meeting Proposed Agenda

Dear CAGH, Just a friendly reminder of our annual board meeting this year in Denver.  Hope to see you all there!  Very important that you be there to elect a new chair for the upcoming year. – Rachel Chapman

Session Type: Board Meeting
Scheduled Date: Saturday, November 21, 2015
Scheduled Time: 12:15 PM-1:30 PM
Place: 111 Colorado Convention Center

1. Review and revise agenda and annual report
2. Nominations for New Chair or Co-Chairs for 2016
3. Virchow awards:
a. Thanking Alexa Deitrich for exceptional job, volunteers for co-chair(s)?
b. Volunteers for Virchow article review panels sign up
c. Approve continued monetary prize for student winners 2016?

4. Updates from ongoing Public Outreach projects and plans for 2015-2016 (e-health, immigration, insurance, teaching global health)
a. Public Policy Outreach on Austerity
– Request for comments on statement and bibliography
– Solicit contributions to edited volume
b. Proposals for new TAS reviews, policy statements or other action groups
– Ebola
– Global Health at Gunpoint: Militarization and Occupation of African Life – The End of AIDS
– Refugees, Health and the EU
– black lives matter
c. Volunteer to write COPP Anth Newsletter e-column on CAGH TAS

5. Propose 2016 SMA – sponsored Invited Roundtable on Teaching Global Health

6. Volunteers to work with Amy Dao for Sub-Committee on E-CAGH (updating website and improving Word Press Site, developing social media presence and improving membership communication)
a. “CAGH in the News” feature members suggestions?
b. Volunteer CAGH web assistance:
– CAGH Webmaster: Amy Dao
– SMA Webmaster: Sean Bruna-Lewis


SIG’s activities for 2015

  1. Virchow Awards Competition and Vote to initiate monetary prize for student Virchow Awardee in 2015
  2. Public Outreach Projects
    1. Ongoing: e-health, immigration, insurance, teaching global health, austerity
    2. Megan Carney coordinatingTakes a Stand sub-committee, draft statement and bibliography on austerity
    3. James Pfeiffer and Rachel Chapman organized CAGH 2015 AAA panel on Austerity
    4. Tanja Ahlin and Mark Nichter complete E-Health Policy Outreach Statement
    5. New TAS focus areas or sub-committees
      • Global Health at Gunpoint: Militarization and Occupation of African Life from Mali to Missouri (Chapman SMA Column in progress)
      • Ebola
      • Cultural Competence
      • – “End of AIDS”
    6. Participation in proposal for SIG sponsored Roundtable on “Black Lives, Black Health Matters”
    7. Update CAGH website and CAGH SMA website presence
      1. Amy Dao working on E-CAGH (updating website and improving Word Press Site)
      2. Initiation of CAGH in the News feature
    8. CAGH support for AAA reactivating Congressional Fellow Program approved


Planned activities during 2016:

  1. Election of new Chair at 2015 business meeting
  2. Continuation of above activities and open call for any new ideas and activities of members at business meeting.
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