CAGH Updates – Fall 2012

Comment on New Leadership:
Mark Nichter has coordinated the CAGH SIG for five years which he feels is far too long for this position. A process of identifying a new coordinator was begun in 2011. Members of Cagh were given the opportunity to suggest names (or to volunteer) for the position. At the 2011 AAA meeting in Montreal, Rachel (Chapman Univ of Washington) ) was put forward as successor to the CAGH chair position and unanimously endorsed after being vetted by SIG members on the CAGH website . Rachel has graciously and enthusiastically accepted the role. Mark Nichter will still facilitate the 2012 meeting and then hand over the reigns to Rachael .

Event Type: CAGH SIG Meeting
Saturday, November 17, 2012: 12:15 PM-1:30 PM – Source: AAA Program Info

Re: Upcoming meeting and picking a new topic (pre meeting discussion)
Notes CAGH interest group: The following four “Takes a stand” topics were discussed, with various SIG members expressing interest in forming ad hoc committees to explore them further. In advance of the AAA meetings in San Francisco, these topics will be posted to our CAGH blog/SIG page (soon), and the comments section will remain open for people to volunteer to be point people on these ad-hoc committees, and to post brief statements to begin discussion and bibliography creation as step one of a TAS process.

  1. Global mental health —What can a critical medical anthropological perspective contribute to the study of social determinants (upstream) and the cultural expression and experience of mental health (downstream), community resources for managing mental health problems etc. Duncan Peterson volunteered to write up a short paragraph to mobilize a group interested in these topics.
  2. The Global Health as Global Medicine abroad movement – the sending of western medical students to developing countries for training –ethics of such programs and policy issues.
  3. Global health diplomacy and policy making – the importance of conducting institutional anthropology at WHO and other large organizations (UN, Gates etc), how discourse at major conferences frames policy making etc.
  4. I-Health as an emerging global health phenomena Tanja Ahlin volunteered to write up a brief statement

By doing it this way, we can begin to identify topics (as well as those interested in working on these topics) in advance of the meeting, which will cut down on meeting time, and allow for more high-level discussion of the topics and their merits. You can also suggest new topics for which you are interested in serving as a point person on an ad-hoc committee. We will vote as a group on which topic we will focus on for the next one to two years , but the other groups are encouraged to continue their work as well, as these clusters of ideas are ideal focus points for organized panels, or later ad-hoc committee work.

Comment on new listserv process (CAGH WordPress blog)
We are finalizing a new listserv that is also linked to (this) CAGH blog. If you received this message directly, you are already on the list, but please visit to see more about the SIG, the updated site, etc. and visit (or forward) this address: if you would like to update or add an email to the listserv. The site is under construction and in process, but should allow for more collaborative discussion in between our official SIG meetings at the AAAs (and sometimes SfAAs).

If you found this message via H-Medanthro or other listservs/forwards, please visit the main CAGH SIG site to sign up for the new listserv. Postings will be infrequent (promise), but you will have the option to receive an email update whenever a new post is made on the CAGH site, or to simply visit the site for updates….on the main site, you will have the opportunity to respond to the post (discussion!) – allowing for threaded discussion of specific ideas (rather than the mess that a typical listserv can suffer from)

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